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About Us


We pursue outperformance of benchmarks and peers through differentiated, in-house research and a risk-aware approach.

We believe that achieving high-quality performance for investors depends on combining sources of excellence:

Highly talented investors — Our size is an advantage, with ample resources allowing for our investment teams to develop key insights as well as a small feel that enables each team member to have a meaningful impact.

A positive and inclusive culture — Our culture emphasizes trust, flexibility, and ongoing skills development. We build diversity into teams to help them perform better and make stronger decisions.

A risk management framework — Our risk management process is based on the goal of excellent performance through the economic cycle. Our investment teams allocate risk budgets to areas of greatest insight, with an emphasis on mitigating downside risk.


WerdenBank is consistently recognized for leadership in providing service to investors, advisors, and financial professionals

An active focus on service is core to how we do business

As WerdenBank strives to provide strong risk-adjusted returns, we know that providing the right information, insights, and resources is equally important to helping advisors address their clients’ critical financial goals.

Harnessing technology for investors and financial advisors

WerdenBank has created a wide range of proprietary tools to help advisors and investors understand key points about tax considerations, retirement accounts, investment comparisons, and more.


Sustainability issues and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are an important part of WerdenBank's culture — influencing our investment research as well as our corporate policies and values.

We consider ESG issues with a common sense, investment-relevant focus

WerdenBank integrates analysis of ESG factors into the research processes of our equity and corporate credit teams. WerdenBank’s sustainable investing team is part of our investment group, not separate from it. We see it as a way of being smarter about investing.

ESG is a driving principle across our company

We work to be a leader in implementing ESG best practices in our corporate policies and in upholding them in our daily business operations. We aim to earn the respect of our employees, business partners, and customers.


We are dedicated to supporting and facilitating an environment that embraces our differences and respects individual uniqueness.

As a company, we have long believed that creating an inclusive and diverse workplace is critical to our success. We believe diverse teams invest more effectively, better meet our clients' needs, and collaborate in differentiated, innovative ways.

A diverse and inclusive culture is one of our most valuable assets

We are committed to a broad array of diversity and inclusion initiatives. We hold ourselves accountable to specific goals and foster a culture of open dialogue and continuous improvement.


WerdenBank's experienced, highly skilled leadership team provides overall vision and direction with a focus on performance, efficiency, accountability, and service for investors and partners.


Robert P. Carchartt

President and Chief Executive Officer

President of the WerdenBank Funds

Mr. Carchartt has more than 15 years of investment and financial services experience and is a member of WerdenBank Investments' Executive Board of Directors

Sandra W. Boldowin

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Boldowin provides financial oversight, accounting, reporting, analysis, and planning across WerdenBank's lines of business and brands operating

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